Dayville residents celebrate completion of wastewater system

Maintenance superintendent Stan Harlan (left) and assistant Jake Streeter pause at the first lagoon with the aerator on as they lead the tour at the new facility.

DAYVILLE - In celebration of completion of the Dayville Wastewater System Project, residents this summer joined in a community potluck at Dayville City Park and toured the lagoon site east of Dayville.

Community members attended as well as Grant County Judge Dennis Reynolds, and contractors for the project including project engineer Pat Curran of Curran-McLeod Engineering, Inc. of Portland and city engineer Doug Ferguson of Ferguson Surveying of Mt. Vernon.

There was an explanation of how the Dayville Wastewater System works and Dayville Mayor Peg Adams had the honor of cutting the ribbon to the new control building.

At the potluck at the park, Adams gave a history of the project dating back to July of 1983, when discussion began for a municipal sewer system. Mike Ballard was mayor at that time. It was predicted that the system would cost $400,000 to construct and the council anticipated that the city would pay $100,000 of that cost. In February 1986, a grant was awarded to the City of Dayville for a feasibility analysis and in December of that year, the total project cost was $598,589, with the maximum grant funds totaling $448,940.

Fifteen years later in December 2001, households and businesses began connecting to the system. The total cost of the project was $2,147,300 with the city paying $225,300. Granting agencies included the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development; Greater Eastern Oregon Development Corporation; and Grant County.

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