Dayville School is getting upgrades.

The new school year brought many projects to improve, renovate and add new additions, thanks to the help of grants and a bond measure passed in 2019.

Dayville Superintendent Kathryn Hedrick said some of the work includes a new roof on the main building, ADA access to the main building and across the campus, a new electrical system in the elementary school, a seismic upgrade to the gym and the addition of a career technical education classroom.

“We are so excited and pleased with the upgrades and improvements and are so grateful to the Dayville community for putting its trust in us by passing the bond measure back in May 2019,” Hedrick said. “...And then getting the other grants that will allow us to make the seismic upgrades for the gym and build an additional CTE shop classroom.

In May 2019, residents of Dayville approved a $700,000 bond, which received a $700,000 match from the Oregon School Capital Improvement Program for $1.4 million in improvements.

Hedrick said the school’s roof and awnings are almost finished with some excavation work left for the final installation of the new ADA-access sidewalks and entries. An ADA-accessible restroom attached to a modular for the early learning center (daycare) was installed. She said they are in the middle of the electrical upgrades project in the elementary school.

Hedrick said she hopes the bond measure repairs and renovation projects will be completed by Oct. 16 with possible landscaping to finish later. Once finished, the school will begin the seismic upgrade for the gym.

The seismic upgrades will be funded by a Business Oregon grant of $2 million that was awarded earlier this year.

The CTE classroom will be a smaller standalone classroom built alongside of the current shop.

“We have had some delays and so our students started back with detours and additional noise outside their classes, but Dayville students are gracious and appreciative, (and) they know it will be worth it,” Hedrick said.”I have only heard positive comments about the new awnings and roof.”

Hedrick said some of the improvements, such as fixing the drainage for the kitchen or electrical upgrades, are not as obvious but will enhance safety. The new lighting improves the learning environment, she said.

Hedrick said the board deserves credit for being such prudent stewards and protecting the community’s investment in a nearly 100-year-old campus.

She said school Maintenance Coordinator Lonnie Dickens has been invaluable in his expertise with great help from Scott Spencer, the custodial assistant.

CB Construction has been working on the improvements, and the Dayville School Board recently named CB Construction as the general manager/construction manager for the seismic upgrades to the gym.

The seismic upgrades are planned be finished in spring 2021. The new CTE classroom is expected to be available in fall 2021.

“The biggest improvement is just the knowledge to our staff and students that the community really cares about them,” Hedrick said. “There is heightened pride that goes along with renovations and improvements. The fact that the campus just looks nicer, newer and more accessible makes everyone happy and proud.”


Rudy Diaz is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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