Deputy DA Greg Goebel

Grant County Deputy District Attorney Gregory Goebel works in his office in the Grant County Courthouse.

Grant County Deputy District Attorney Gregory Goebel passed the Oregon State Bar exam.

Goebel has officially been the Deputy DA since he passed the bar back in September, but he has been working in the office since May after he graduated from the University of Oregon with a law degree.

“I was looking to get something secured before I graduated,” Goebel said. “I saw on my school’s job board that this office was hiring. I wanted to stay in Oregon because I am a member of the National Guard here in the state.”

Goebel has been a member of the National Guard for five years and has plans to continue within the organization now that he has passed the bar.

“I commissioned in the National Guard this last spring as a signal officer,” said Goebel. “Right now I am putting together a packet for the Judge Advocate General’s Corps for the National Guard here in Oregon. Now that I passed the bar, I can send that packet out and hopefully get picked up.”

Along with personal benefits, passing the bar has benefits for Grant County and Goebel in his current position.

“Now I can practice law on my own,” Goebel said. “I don’t need my boss, Jim Carpenter, to sign off when I need documents, and now I have my own case load.”

The University of Oregon started paying for student preparation courses for the bar exam, and Goebel took an online course from BARBRI. This course is a general overview of the law such as civil, criminal, evidence and property.

“In hindsight, I studied a lot for the exam,” Goebel said. “I spent probably 12 weeks studying, and with that amount of time and with my law degree, I felt pretty comfortable taking the test. I thought, in that way, that exam was over-hyped.”

Eighty-four percent of first-time applicants who took the Oregon bar in July 2019 passed.

“Don’t slack off on studying,” Goebel said. “Especially if you are doing a prep program like I did. I recommend people completing the BARBRI, all of it.”



Rudy Diaz is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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