The Grant County Sheriff’s Office Deputy who has been on paid administrative leave for over a year pleaded guilty last week to driving drunk in February.

Deputy Abigail Mobley, 35, of John Day admitted to driving on Highway 26 near Unity Feb. 8 with a blood alcohol content of 0.27%, more than three times the legal limit, in a plea petition filed April 9 in Baker County Circuit Court.

On April 9, Mobley also filed a petition for a driving under the influence of intoxicants diversion — a legal provision that allows a DUII charge to be dismissed after one year if certain conditions are met.

Mobley’s signed agreement would require completing an alcohol and drug abuse assessment and any recommended treatment, not using intoxicants, paying required diversion fees and installing an ignition interlock device if ordered by the court.

Circuit Court Judge Matthew B. Shirtcliff accepted the plea petition April 30 and ordered Mobley to be booked and fingerprinted by the Baker County sheriff and “released promptly thereafter,” according to court documents.

Mobley was arrested Feb. 8 after pulling over to use the restroom and getting stuck in the snow, according to an Oregon State Police report. She stumbled down the roadway and fell down, causing minor abrasions to her face, according to OSP.

Mobley was cited and released to her husband at the Baker County Jail, OSP said.

Mobley was placed on paid administrative leave by the county almost a year earlier, March 18, 2019. Grant County Human Resources Manager Laurie Wright confirmed May 4 Mobley was still employed by the county and on administrative leave.

Grant County officials have declined to discuss the circumstances surrounding the leave or to provide documents requested by the Eagle, stating the information was part of a “pending criminal investigation being conducted by a third-party state agency.”

The Oregon Department of Justice confirmed an investigation involving Mobley was still ongoing in December, but Communications Director Kristina Edmunson has not confirmed whether the investigation is still active.

Mobley’s wages and benefits cost the county between $5,600 and $7,100 per month, so more than 13 months of administrative leave has cost the county between $75,000 and $96,000.

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