Dollar General Concept Design

Dollar General concept design.

Dollar General is going through the process for a location in John Day.

The Zaremba Group, on behalf of Dollar General, submitted an application to the city for a store in John Day. City Manager Nick Green said he will coordinate with the relevant parties, including Oregon Department of Transportation, and prepare a staff report based on the information the team collected, information from the application and from public comments received.

The John Day Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposal at 6 p.m. June 30. A notice will be sent to all property owners within 100-feet of the subject site and will also be published in the Blue Mountain Eagle prior to the hearing.

The commission will review the staff report and have an opportunity to make a recommendation to approve, approve with modifications or deny the application.

“Once the planning commission approves the proposal, they are authorized to go into construction,” Green said. “They will need to apply for building permits and floodplain development permits before they can break ground, but the site would have been approved and the proposed design would have been approved by the city.”

The Zaremba group is proposing to construct a 9,100 square foot Dollar General store in front of Napa Auto Parts at 700 W. Main St.

The Type III site design review application states under “Requested Land Use Action” that the project plans to include one freestanding sign, parking and landscape improvements with 36 parking spaces, including 2 ADA spaces, and a 36-foot-wide driveway with a new access approach to U.S. Highway 26.

“From my understanding with conversations with the Zaremba Group is that this proposed investment and purchase of the land has already been approved by the Dollar General Corporate Office,” Green said. “It’s real. People always wonder if this is real, and yes, this is real. They would not be applying for a site design review if they were not ready to make the investment.”

Right now the preliminary plat and the final plat for the land Dollar General is going to build on has been approved by the city.

“As a result of our efforts, we’ve got a new Dollar General that’s gonna go in across Napa, and I’m not talking just the city’s effort, I am talking about the community at large,” Green said.

Green added that the city spent the past four years planning and financing various public improvement projects such as street improvements, downtown improvements and the new wastewater treatment plant to try and encourage private sector investment.

He also said the city is working with local land developers and firms like Iron Triangle, Len’s Drug, the Sheedy's, the Priday hotel group and other business owners to encourage and incentivise growth and revitalization along Main Street and that it’s great to see these projects coming to fruition.

“There’s always some tension between new businesses coming in and our existing businesses,” Green said. “I want to recognize the efforts our local businesses are putting in to improve our community as well. These investments will benefit all of us in the long run by increasing our land values, widening the tax base and making our community more attractive to new residents.”


Rudy Diaz is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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