The 45-day objection filing period for the draft decision notice for the Dove Vegetation Management Project on the Emigrant Creek Ranger District began Feb. 8 with publication of a legal notice in the Blue Mountain Eagle and Burns Times Herald.

Individuals and entities who have previously submitted specific written comments regarding the proposed project during the scoping period or the 30-day comment period on the draft environmental assessment may submit an objection.

The draft includes approximately 14,373 acres of vegetation and activity fuels treatments, 11,893 acres of restoration type treatments and activity fuels treatments, 42,021 acres of prescribed burning, 4.9 miles of temporary road construction, use of 134 miles of existing Forest Service system road for log haul, road maintenance on about 145 miles of road, 0.50 miles of road for opening (changing from maintenance level 1 to 2), 9.32 miles of road decommissioning, 11.65 miles of road closures (changing from maintenance level 2 to 1), 2.85 miles of seasonal road closures and confirmation of 15.00 miles of past administratively closed roads. This project also includes forest plan amendments to reduce cover below Malheur Forest Plan standards in Big Game Winter Range (Management Area [MA] 4A), and summer range, and to designate replacement old growth areas to bring these areas up to Malheur Forest Plan standards.

The project documents can be accessed on the Forest Service website at:, or you can request a copy by contacting Lori Bailey or Melissa Ward at 541-573-4300 or by emailing

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