Eagle GM moving to new 'adventure'

Diane Oster-Courtney has been with the Eagle for 12 years.

JOHN DAY - Diane Oster-Courtney, general manager of the Blue Mountain Eagle, announced Nov. 4 that she will be moving in mid-December with her family to Burney, Calif., east of Mt. Shasta in Northern California.

Oster-Courtney's husband, Steve Courtney, has accepted a position with Sierra Pacific Industries Burney Division as timber manager, effective Dec. 1.

A nationwide search for a new manager is being conducted by East Oregonian Publishing Company, owner of the Eagle.

"Diane Oster-Courtney has done a splendid job of managing the Blue Mountain Eagle. The East Oregonian Publishing Co. wishes her and her husband the best of luck in their new endeavors," said Steve Forrester, president of the company. "In seeking new management at the Eagle, we will continue our tradition of community-based publishing."

Forrester is confident a fine staff developed by Oster-Courtney will continue to provide excellent local news and service to customers in the interim.

"We regret leaving our friends and family, but the opportunity for career advancement is exciting," Oster-Courtney said. "Being part of the John Day community for the past 12 years has been wonderful. It's a great place to raise a family and where your involvement in activities make an impact. We will truly miss our friends, but look forward to our new adventure."

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