Following are updates on various major fires burning in the region as of Tuesday, July 17.

For links to updated information, as well as news updates on fires and other news throughout the week, visit on the Internet. Click on Fire Watch or Breaking News.

Monument ComplexAcres: 23,390

Location: 5 miles northeast of Monument.

Staffing: 600 people - 22 fire crews, 1 helicopter, 24 engines, 9 dozers, 12 water tenders.

Containment: 0 percent.

Calamity ComplexAcres: 2,276

Location: 16 miles southeast of Seneca

Resources: 5 crews, 1 helicopter, 13 engines.

Containment: 90 percent.

Egley ComplexAcres: 2,000

Location: 10 miles north of Riley, near Burns.

Resources: 43 hand crews, 5 helicopters, 96 engines, 17 dozers, 32 water tenders.

Containment: 45 percent.

Fossil Creek Fire Acres: 2,940

Location: 11 miles southeast of Spray, 3 miles north of John Day Fossil Beds

Staffing: 17 engines, 7 hand crews, 3 helicopters, 3 dozers, and miscellaneous overhead personnel. Firefighters were also assisted by a heavy airtanker.

Containment: 20 percent.

Cottonwood Creek FireAcres: 3,600

Location: 35 north of Enterprise.

Staffing: 7 10-person inmate hand crews, one regular 20-person crew, 3 helicopters, 1 fire engine, 3 dozers, 1 water tender.

Containment: 15 percent.

Black Rock FireAcres: 1,800

Location: 10 miles southeast of Clarno.

Containment: 70 percent.

Grizzly Mountain FiresMud Springs: 982 acres.

Jim Creek: 175 acres.

Foley Butte: 19 acres.

Containment: 100 percent.

Source: Oregon Department of Forestry, Northwest Interagency Coordination Center

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