Eccles joins OECDD team

Terry Eccles has joined the John Day post of the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department, sharing an office with Rick Minster, OECDD's regional development officer. The Eagle/HEATHER SHEEDY

JOHN DAY - Terry Eccles has joined the team at the John Day office of Oregon Economic and Community Development Department located at 130 E. Main St.

Eccles serves as regional coordinator of the Eastern team, which encompasses Grant, Harney, Malheur and Baker counties, and shares an office with Rick Minster, OECDD's regional development officer.

Eccles' previous employment has entailed work with the Forest Service, Department of Environmental Quality, Oregon Department of Health and Human Services and for the past four years with Oregon State Parks planning motorized trails.

In his new Eastern Oregon position, Eccles main focus is on helping Grant County communities improve infrastructure systems that may be out of compliance, such as water and sewer. He provides technical analysis for infrastructure development and construction projects by research of funding sources to upgrade, considers costs and required steps to reach a goal then presents the best options to community leaders. Local projects in which Eccles has been involved are Dayville's and Monument's sewer projects, Canyon City's watershed project at Byram Gulch, and water improvement projects at John Day, Seneca and Prairie City.

There are two other Eastern Oregon coordinators who are stationed in Salem. Eccles stated that being based in the field is somewhat of an experiment and he feels living here gives him an opportunity to better understand and work closer with the communities he serves.

He has a background in natural resources education, forestry recreation management and forestry ecology.

For more information, contact Eccles at 575-2972.

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