You probably know one thing said about good intentions: The road to a place no one wants to go is paved with them.

We ran a story last week that was full of good intentions. It was about Bo and Daisy Barajas' continuing struggle to deal with the medical problems of their youngest daughter, known throughout the county as Baby Jade, who was born last June with heart problems.

As the story said, the community has embraced the couple, who run a popular Mexican restaurant in John Day, and has donated $17,000 to help with medical expenses.

We heard rumors circulating that people were suspicious that maybe the family used some of the donated funds to finance the relocation and expansion of their restaurant.

We didn't believe the rumors, and promptly published a story that we felt quashed the ridiculous back-fence gossip and supported the family and the community's efforts to help.

Some readers felt otherwise, such as Carolyn Mullin, whose letter appears on this page, and said that the story became part of the problem in that it gave credence to the rumors and damaged the family's reputation in trying to refute the nasty talk.

That wasn't our intention.

It was suggested that because the story clarified the financial structure for the funds - the family never sees the money, and has no access to it (and wouldn't do anything bad with the money, we firmly believe) - there was no need to even mention the "we heard rumors" part. It was argued that this approach would have been sufficient to clear the air and support the family without muddying the waters by mentioning anything from the uninformed rumor mill. We agree.

It's often the case that once scandalous hearsay is placed in the public mind, it's difficult to erase the damaging lies with subsequent accounts of the truth. We hope that's not the case here.

The family has our full support, and we're praying that Baby Jade's future is as bright as her captivating smile.

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