Ryan Joslin is the county's new district attorney. The race for county judge was close enough that the county clerk said the John Day and Prairie City precincts were going to be recounted Wednesday morning. That decison was reversed. Instead, no recount will be done unless the state requires it, the clerk's office said. As of Wednesday morning, it looked like Dave Traylor and Mark Webb will advance to the Nov. 2 general election in the race to be the county's next chief administrator. Webb collected 10 more votes than Boethin. There were still an unknown number of write-in ballots and ballots coming from other counties to be counted.

Boyd Britton retains his seat on the county court.

Terry Farrell is still the justice of the peace.

Dale Stinnett, Walter and Anges Hall are Republican precinct representatives.

There were approximately 2,550 ballots cast. These results are preliminary and unofficial.

District Attorney

Joslin: 1,452 - 63.76%

Jim Carpenter: 779 - 34.21%

Write-in: 46 - 2.02%

County Judge

Ken Boethin: 713 - 28.88%

Dave Traylor: 768 - 31.25%

Nick Sheedy: 181 - 7.39%

Mark Webb: 723 - 29.45%

Jim Hamsher: 68 - 2.77%

Write-in: 6 - .24%

Justice of the Peace

Terry Farrell: 1,960 - 98.09%

Write-in: 38 - 1.90%

Long Creek Mayor Vacancy (change in city charter)

Yes: 36 - 67.92%

No: 17 - 32.07%

County Commissioner

Boyd Britton: 921 - 68.02%

Randy Gillam: 314 - 23.19%

Arthur Pereira: 117 - 8.64%

Write-in: 2 - .14%

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