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Children from Humbolt Elementary School who participated in Math Night listen as awards were presented to students that guessed closest to the correct amount of items in a jar. The Eagle/Patrick Bentz

CANYON CITY - Humbolt Elementary School hosted its annual Math Night for the students on Thursday, Nov. 18.-Students had the opportunity to play games and learn fun ways to use math skills.-

"Math Night has been around for about seven or eight years," says Georgia Boethin, fifth-grade teacher at Humbolt. "It was started by Janet Peterson originally.-She started as an assistant in the library."-

Peterson brought the idea for Math Night from another school where she had previously worked.-Peterson could not attend the activities this year, due to a move to Ontario earlier in the year.

"It's set up so each class has a different strand of math," Boethin said. "It's activities for parents to get involved with their kids."

Each of the six classrooms taught a different concept. First grade students learned about estimation by guessing how many marbles were in a jar or how many bricks it took to fill a paper pattern. Third grade students did measuring activities, such as, how tall they and their parents are, using measuring cups to handle rice and measuring with weights using a balancing scale.-Each of the activities were hands-on involving both students and parents.

Other math concepts that were taught included probability, calculation, geometry and algebraic relationships.

The students and their parents who attended the event enjoyed themselves.

"It's good," said Brandon Norland, a fourth-grader at Humbolt.-

"I like Math Night because there is math and a lot of classrooms with math stuff," said Jonathan Coley, fourth grade. "And math is good for kids."

"I learned how to make shapes on Geo-Boards," said Kyle Hyde, a third-grade student.- "I think it's good that kids can be excited (about math)," said his sister, Alicia Hyde.

"I learned to how to make trail mix," said Tom Heideman, in third grade.-"And I learned how to use measuring cups."

"I like to do math things," said Devon Vargas.-Her father, Juan Vargas, said, "I use math every day. Math Night gets kids interested and is hands-on."

Awards were given out at the end of the event for students in each grade who guessed closest to the correct amount of items in a jar.-Each grade had a different item to guess. Fifth graders had to determine the length of measured tape in a jar, while second graders had to guess how many Lego bricks were in their jar.-Each of the attendees also enjoyed root beer floats, courtesy of the Humbolt PTA.

"It's a very good family activity," said Kim Joslin, PTA president.-"It's geared to all ages."

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