Hello there once again This is Eric

To answer the questions put before us:

What is my No. 1 goal for the next 6 months?

Well I, for one am glad to have the chance to be part of the Living Lively Lodge teem.

My goal is to learn how to be and live the healthy life we all should. That way I can be around for my kids and family as well my friends. To be ready for the hunting seasons this fall. Lol

What is going to be my biggest motivator?

That's a good question, my two girls!! Have and will be my heart and sole.

What is my strategy to staying the course?

To help my teem, and believe in what we are doing is for us and our family.

What is my secret food craving?

Chinese and Tie foods, yum.

The exercise I love to hate?

To be honest I don't know. I have yet to meat one I neither liked nor hated. You just have to do.

What is my No.1 strategy?

Oh boy, I am not sure yet I am still learning, I guess I will have to answer this one later.

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