Oregon State Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships busy preparing for next term, next year

The Oregon State University Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will award roughly $250 million in scholarships, loans and grants to students for the 2014-15 academic year. More than 19,000 students will benefit from the large amount of aid.

With requests for both spring term and the 2014-15 academic year flooding in, the financial aid office stays busy trying to provide for the needs of as many students as possible.

Thus far, the OSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships has received for consideration more than 30,000 Free Applications for Federal Student Aid, a number reflective of growing enrollment.

"We look at the pool of applications and start making awards later in March to kick off the next year," said department director Doug Severs. "We consider each (student) for financial aid and email them an award letter."

This time of year, the financial aid office works closely with the enrollment and admissions department to gain pertinent information like expected acceptance rates. Collaboration is key when the financial aid office must determine how much funding can go to each student.

"We work in conjunction with admissions and registrations and coordinate that way," Severs said. "We look at the student population, the students you're recruiting (and) how they fit into the scholarship application process."

Providing adequate funding for so many students can prove to be a challenge, but Severs said more money will continue to trickle in as funds appear from various scholarship donation campaigns. These added awards will help defray the stress placed on scholarship funds from increased enrollment.

Student applications will continue to be considered and evaluated until the beginning of spring term, when most students will receive their financial award letters. The application process for summer financial aid will occur toward the end of the term.

Tori Hittner

Higher education reporter


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