JOHN DAY – The 13.1 miles from Prairie City to John Day is a little farther than the average runner might choose.

That was the top challenge, however, in the 34th annual Strawberry Mountain Family Half Marathon, 10K and relay run/walk last Saturday, Sept. 22.

In all, 12 brave souls ran the entire 13.1 miles. The group included Chris Bielke of Prairie City, who jumped in at the last minute when he saw the group at the starting line outside of his house.

The 10K race began at the Holliday Ranch on Highway 26 and followed the last half of the half marathon course to the end at the Seventh Street Complex.

The 10K drew 10 individuals and one relay team.

Both races are now offered as a relay, with the teams able to determine the distances for their participants.

The Bailey family took advantage of this opportunity for the second year, completing the 10K course and allowing their children to participate in the race.

Although the race is not currently being offered to bikes, Glen Johnston and his wife Peggy Murphy used the course as an opportunity to ride their bikes together.

Proceeds from the race benefit Families First Parent Resource Center of John Day, a local private nonprofit organization that provides direct support to home-visiting programs, parenting classes and youth programs.

Following are results from the event:

10K women: Sarah Bush, 49:13; Tara Gatz, 49:30; Sheila Comer, 50:20; Tami McKenna, 57:15; Janet Plocharsky, 1:00:59; Alicia Hall, 1:03:45; Sherri Ellson, 1:07:02; Beth Spell, 1:39:18; Cindy Streeter, 1:48:24; Cathy Johnston, 1:48:24; and Jody Winkleman, 1:48:24.

10K men: Casey Gatz, 49:31; Michael Johnston, 53:06; Troy Hooker, 1:04:09; and Jim Spell, 1:39:10.

10K relay: The Bailey Family (Heather Bailey, Zac Bailey, Cheryl Christensen, Max Bailey, Maddie Bailey and Eliza Bailey), 52:10.

Half marathon women: Michelle Neill, 1:39:06; Cori Anderson, 2:00:47; Jessica Hilton, 2:18:10; Rebekah Domes, 2:18:10; Katrina Randleas, 2:19:54; and Karen Jacobs, 2:20:38.

Half marathon men: Levi Manitsas, 1:47:35; Chris James, 1:53:35; Ryan Joslin, 1:54:03; Steve Tronnes, 1:56:52; and Layne Christensen, 1:57:03.


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