Family donates deer mount to museum

<I>Contributed</I><BR>Gene and Sue Olp present a mule deer head mount to the museum in Prairie City.

PRAIRIE CITY - The Olp family, which has roots in the local area, recently donated an unusual mounted deer head to the DeWitt Museum at Depot Park.

Eugene and Sue Olp gave the impressive mount to the museum June 30 during a weekend reunion at the park.

The gathering drew about 90 members of the family descended from area pioneers Herman and Sarah Jane Olp, who reared 10 children in the Prairie City area.

Julius Olp, their youngest child, and his wife Hilda owned and lived at the depot for about 30 years. They raised their five children - Donald, Wanda, Julius, Joanne and Arlene - and also took in 30 foster children over the years.

In the 1970s they sold the depot and adjacent land to Prairie City and Grant County. It was developed into the park and museum site.

The mount presented by Eugene Olp was a deer shot by his father, Charles, who died in 1981 at age 91. Charles was born to Herman and Sarah Jane in June 1888 and reared on the ranch in the Shaw Gulch area west of Prairie City. He shot the 12-point buck in the Grubb Creek area in 1932, using a .25-35 94 Winchester carbine that he bought new for $15 in 1915.

A son, Leonard, still owns the gun. The mounted head has been in the possession of Sue and Gene Olp since 1952, but they said they were pleased to donate it to the museum for future generations to enjoy.

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