More filing deadlines are coming up for local communities that will elect leaders in the Nov. 4 vote.

? Granite - The mayor and two city council positions are open. Deadline for filing: Aug. 25. There's no petition needed, but candidates must be full-time residents of and have lived in Granite for six months. Info: Granite City Hall, 12:30-3 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, or call 755-5100.

? Prairie City - Council positions held by Tim Coe, Jim Munyon and Roger McKinley and the mayor's post, held by Stan Horrell, are up for election. Deadline for filing: Aug. 26. Candidates must have been a resident of the City of Prairie City for at least one year and be registered to vote. Forms are available from the city recorder. More info: 820-3605.

? Seneca - Two city council seats, held by Keith Schatz and Mary Carr, are open. Carr was appointed pro-tem upon Warren Wilson's recent resignation. Filing deadline: Tuesday, Aug. 26. Paperwork is available at Seneca City Hall during business hours, Monday through Friday. More info: 542-2161.

? Long Creek - Voters will fill two city council positions, now held by Fred Drake and Troy Pruit, and the mayor's job, held by Don Porter. All three are seeking re-election. Deadline for filing: Tuesday, Aug. 26. Paperwork may be obtained at Long Creek City Hall, 250 Hardesty Street during regular business hours. More info: 421-3601.

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