PRINEVILLE - It's that time of year again when the threat of fire along river recreation corridors require a closure order for the protection of natural resources and the health and safety of the recreating public. The closure order took effect June 1 and lasts through Oct. 15.

John Day River

On public lands withing 1/4 mile of the river's edge in the following locations:

• The Mainstem John Day River, from Tumwater Falls (River Mile 10) upstream to Kimberly (River Mile 185).

• The North Fork John Day River, from the confluence with the mainstem at Kimberly (River Mile 0) upstream to the Umatilla National Forest boundary (River Mile 62).

• The South Fork John Day River from Smokey Creek (River Mile 6) upstream to the Malheur National Forest boundary (River Mile 47).

Prohibited acts are:

1. Building, igniting, maintaining, attending, using, or being within 20 feet of open flames, including but not limited to campfires, candles, torches, kerosene lanterns, or charcoal briquette fires. (Portable, commercially constructed cooking stoves and shielded lanterns using pressurized bottled fuels such as white gas and propane are permissible.)

2. Smoking except while in non-public buildings, within a closed vehicle, or in a boat floating on the water or standing in the water.

Except in emergency conditions or permission by an agency-authorized officer, there are no exceptions to this order.

A violation of this closure is punishable by a fine of not more than $1000 or imprisonment of not more than 12 months, or both.

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