Firefighters work to contain Canyon Creek, two other fires

A backburn is set by wildland firefighters for structure protection.

This is the timeline for the days following the initial outbreak of the Canyon Creek Complex fire:

  • • Number of homes destroyed: 36. More than 50 other structures were damaged and more than 500 were threatened.

• Number of acres burned: 48,201, with 0 percent containment.

• Personnel fighting the fire: 649, including two Type 1 crews, trained to handle massive wildfires.

• Evacuation Level 3 remained South from Dog Creek to Little Dog Creek, as well as the upper end of Pine Creek. Canyon Creek, from the fire perimeter north at Canyon City, south to the 15, 16 junction also remained under a Level 3 evacuation.

• Gov. Kate Brown met with firefighters that afternoon. She announced that the Oregon National Guard would be called in to help.

• Firefighters braced for 35 mph wind gusts and dug in to protect the fire from spreading to Seneca, which was placed on a Level 1 evacuation.

• Number of acres burned: 53,876 acres, with 10 percent containment.

• The fire had jumped Road 1530 and headed toward Butterfly Springs, about two miles north of the old Parrish Cabin burn.

• A Level 3 evacuation was placed on the area west of County Road 62, south of milepost 12 and north of Forest Road 16 to the junction of Forest Roads 15 and 16.

• Highway 395 remained closed.

• The number of homes destroyed: 39.

• The number of acres burned: 61,631, with 13 percent containment.

• The Jerry’s Draw fire on Dixie Mountain, four miles north of Prairie City, broke out and burned 150 acres. Some residents were put on Level 2 evacuation; others were on Level 1. Cause of the fire was under investigation.

• The Level 1 alert was lifted for Seneca and others were decreased.

• The Level 3 evacuations involving the Jerry’s Draw fire remained in effect for Ricco Ranch Road, Standard Creek, Dean Creek Road and Dixie Creek.

• Number of acres burned: 67,456, with 17 percent containment.

• Number of fire personnel: 902, down from a high of 941.

• Firefighters were able to complete a fire line around the Jerry’s Draw fire, suppressing several spot fires as they arose.

• Evacuation levels were reduced or lifted in some areas.

• Highway 395 opened, with pilot cars leading vehicles out of the fire zone during the day only.

• Number of acres burned: 69,606, with 23 percent containment.

• Number of fire personnel: 832.

• Drop in national fire priority: From No. 1 to No. 10.

• Number of structures threatened: 150, down from 700.

• The Jerry’s Draw fire was contained.

• Immediate evacuations ordered for another 22 homes from Upper Pine Creek and Upper Dog Creek as winds shifted out of the southwest, pushing the blaze back northeast where firefighters had already established a fire line.

• Number of acres burned: 73,210 acres, with 29 percent containment.

• Number of fire personnel: 665.

• Firefighters spotted another fire 13 miles northeast of Prairie City. The Frog Pond fire was estimated at 15 acres, about 3.5 miles south of Greenhorn.

• Highway 395 opened unrestricted day and night.

• Number of acres burned: 74,744, with 37 percent containment.

• Number of fire personnel: 707.

• Frog Pond fire contained at 15 acres.

• Jerry’s Draw fire contained at 161 acres.

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