Firewood and post and pole permits are available, according to the Malheur National Forest.

The price for Personal Use Firewood permits remains at $5 per cord with a four-cord minimum purchase. The personal use firewood program allows for a maximum of 16 cords per household per year.

Post and Pole permits are available for the harvesting of post and poles in designated locations only. The minimum purchase price of a Post and Pole permit is $20, with a maximum of 200 post/poles per household per year.

A “household” is defined as the physical address where the wood will be delivered to and all permits purchased under said physical address will be counted against the permit limit. If you are purchasing for a business you must use the business name and the physical address of the business where the wood will be delivered. Firewood or Post and Pole permit limits are based on the physical address on record.

For those who wish to have someone else collect their firewood, a form is available for both parties to sign granting permission for a harvester to collect the wood under the household’s permit on record. Both parties must sign the form and it must be on file with the original permit issued. Ask about this at any Malheur National Forest office.

A new area has been closed to firewood and post & pole harvest as well as motorized cross country travel until 2019 within the completed Canyon Creek Complex Fire Salvage Project. Roads open for public use remain open within these areas. As part of the Canyon Creek Fire Salvage Environmental Assessment, the Rocky Mountain Research Station initiated a four-year study to help determine how different levels of salvage harvest relate to nesting densities of three species of woodpeckers during the first four years after a wildfire. Results will help identify post-fire salvage harvest prescriptions that balance economic benefit while minimizing impacts to different woodpecker species. The specific density of trees left behind in each study unit is by careful design, and these numbers are crucial to informing this research.

All permits expire December 31 of the year issued, whether products were removed or not. Detailed information may be found online at:

Permits may be obtained through the Supervisor’s Office/Blue Mountain Ranger District, Prairie City Ranger District and Emigrant Creek Ranger District

For more information, contact the Malheur National Forest Supervisor’s Office at 541-575-3000, or visit

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