What is this world coming to? Have you ever asked that question?

Today as I watched FOX News, a horrible story emerged. A defendant in an Atlanta courtroom grabbed a gun from the holster of a guard, killed three, including the judge and wounded a fourth.

I heard Mark Finley, director and speaker of the religious television program, "It Is Written," once ask the same question, What is this world coming to? I like the answer he gave. Mark Finley said the real question is not what the world is coming to, but Who is coming to the world.

There are multiple scriptures that mention the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. One reason I believe it is because the conditions in the world today are what the Bible writers taught centuries ago.

Another reason I believe it, is because Jesus himself said it. In John Chapter 3, Jesus said we should not let our hearts be troubled by the things of this world. He said there is something better in the future. He said he was going to heaven to prepare a place for his followers. And then he said he would come back and take us to be with him. Perhaps you don't believe in him. I invite you to believe in Jesus and his coming. And as you observe what the world is coming to, I invite you to become a follower of the One who is coming to the world.

• Rod Bieber is pastor for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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