Reading St. Paul is always exciting; here is one chapter to ponder: 1 Corinthians 3:1-23.

He plainly states that it is the Lord whom we serve, and that all of us are His servants. If we serve Him, we build on solid ground - and we will receive our reward. Should we then not be joyful when the temple of the Lord is being built? It is not a temple of stones, but a living temple - we are being built into this temple - the "mystical body" with Christ the Head.

Our bodies work as one. When I crave a cookie, the stomach tells my brain to search for it, my eyes guide me, my legs get me there and my hand picks up this morsel of happiness. When my teeth chew on it, my taste buds jump for joy and my stomach finally gets what it desires. I am now happy, but it took my whole being to bring about this joy and happiness.

So why can't we work together as Christians to accomplish this one thing: bring joy to God our Father who seeks to bring us all into oneness with His Son; who even gives us His Spirit to accomplish this mission - to bring joy to the "mystical body" of Christ will make all happy - eternally happy!

• Fr. Peter J. Auer is pastor of St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church in John Day.

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