From the Pulpit: We should resolve not to take days for granted

The Christmas decorations at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church were done by Jeanette Hueckman, Diane Holthouse and their spouses. Contributed photo

As we start another year with a positive motivation and outlook, this is a time to look backward in gratitude, and forward in hope.

We are constantly reminded how blessed we are to live in the USA, and the news of a devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia should drive us all on our knees to thank God for our blessings.

Granted that an earthquake can hit anywhere, but the magnitude of this tragedy is truly unprecedented. Some claim it could be the worst natural disaster in history.

I am sure that all Grant County residents will pray and remember the victims and help the survivors in any way they can.

As a simple resolution for the New Year, may I suggest simply not to take things for granted as the days and months go by.

May I suggest three simple prayers we can say at three times of the day, which are easy to remember. When you get up, just say, "Thank You Lord," that you are alive and well.

At the stroke of 12 noon say, "Keep us safe, Lord," especially as so many of us travel.

And at night, before you go to sleep, simply say, "Bless us always, Lord," that he will protect everyone.

May I suggest that you write these three short phrases and tape them close to your bed, this way you don't forget them.

• Fr. Julian Cassar is pastor for St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church, John Day.

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