Jason Skinner, 43, has a felony warrant and is believed to be in the Grant and Harney county area after a rollover crash Saturday on the Burns-Izee route.

A man with a felony warrant is at large after a rollover crash in a stolen vehicle Saturday near the border of Grant and Harney counties.

Jason Skinner, 43, is a white male who has a felony warrant and appeared to avoid searchers and trackers responding to a crash reported at 1 p.m. Saturday near the Grant and Harney county line, according to a press release from Grant County Sheriff Todd McKinley.

McKinley advised anyone traveling on the Burns-Izee route — near County Road 68 and Forest Road 47 in the Alsop Mountain area — to call 911 if Skinner is seen.

He said two different parties reported seeing someone who matched the description on the Izee Highway in Crook County at 11 a.m. Sunday.

“The report to us was delayed by about three hours,” he said, “... so more than likely he is out of the Izee area.”

McKinley said the vehicle Skinner was driving was reported stolen Sunday when the owner from Harney County discovered it missing.

John Atkins of Burns called 911 Saturday to report he had been in a rollover crash and didn’t know where he was. He stated he and the driver, later identified as Skinner, were taking the back roads from Burns to Bend.

Through the efforts of Grant County Sheriff’s Office, Grant County Search and Rescue, Grant County Air Search, Grant County Emergency Communications Center and multiple other agencies, Atkins was located at 5:30 p.m. from an aircraft. Deputies made it to his location at about 6:50 p.m.

Atkins reported he was uninjured and was transported to Harney County. Skinners whereabouts remain unknown.


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