What is your number one goal for the next six months?

My # 1 goal is really a lot of goals in one big goal. I want to obviously lose weight and move more every day, and decrease the amount of medication I take. Overall... to be healthier.

What is going to be your biggest motivator?

I think my biggest motivator is actually two fold. I will be motivated by my teammates for sure, and my daughters will be a big motivator also. I am hoping that Steve and I can learn to make good food choices and be good examples of a healthy lifestyle for our daughters.

What is your strategy to staying the course?

PRAYER for God's strength daily and throughout the day especially when tempted. Encouragement from my teammates, church family, family and friends. Also just sheer WILL POWER!

What is your secret food craving?

What ISN'T a food craving? I love food! I love bread, pasta & rice the most though. Chocolate with nuts is another favorite....hmmm...cookies, crackers, chips, diet pop...I could go on and on. But I won't.

The exercise you love to hate?

I am not a big fan of ANY exercise, but I really don't like... sit-ups or push-ups. Thankfully it wasn't a requirement at our original weigh-in. LOL

What is your number 1 strategy?

My daughter gave me a sticker a while back... F.R.O.G. Fully rely on God. It is a good reminder for me to rely on God for help and strength throughout this challenge. I know that as I grow closer to God, He will draw nearer to me.

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. ~ James 4:8a ~

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