Renewable energy, or "green power," is available for purchase in Grant County. Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative (OTEC) buys renewable energy from Bonneville Power Administration and offers it to OTEC consumers. For an added $3 per month, consumers can purchase 200 kwh of renewable energy; this amount is equivalent to approximatley 20 percent of average monthly usage.

There is no guarantee that the renewable energy purchased is actually making it to the purchaser's home, but the amount purchased does go to the Northwest power grid, so purchasers can feel good about contributing to saving the environment.

OTEC has a net metering program that allows consumers to generate electricity using renewable resource generators, such as wind power, photovaltic generator (solar power), new-hydro (water) and biomass (deterioration of methane gas). Each of which cause little or no harm to the environment and are replenished naturally.

"Green power offsets other types of generation that may cause harm to the environment," said Steve Showers, OTEC's manager of member services.

Info: Steve Showers, (541)524-2822.

• OTEC is a sponsor of SolWest Renewable Energy Fair.

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