Ghosts and gold star as Sumpter-based show begins

<p>The cast of "Ghost Mine" (from left) includes Patrick Doyle, Jay Verburg, Jamol Eli, Jared Anderson, Stan Griffith, Keith Leingang, Edward Griffith, Dick Secord Jr, Kristen Luman.</p>


SUMPTER – All the TV sets in Sumpter likely will be tuned to Syfy channel at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 16, as “Ghost Mine” premieres.

The show was shot in and around the Baker County town, an area that boomed with gold mining and dredging from the late 1800s into the early 1900s.

The program is a reality show that combines ghost hunting with a quest for gold. The network’s website,, describes the premise this way:

“In the remote woods of Oregon lies one of the richest gold mines in the United States that was abandoned 80 years ago when a series of tragedies gave it an infamous reputation for being haunted. Now a new owner has decided to take on the notorious legend and reopen the mine, assembling a colorful group of miners – both seasoned and new – to battle the elements along with a pair of experienced paranormal investigators, in hopes of finding a fortune.”

A video preview promises plenty of shadows, spooky voices, and apparitions galore.

The film crew spent much of its time working at the mine site featured in the show, but also did some shooting in town, according to city recorder Julie McKinney.

Residents and businesses are expecting a surge of tourist interest in the historic mining area when the show begins to air.

It already has caused a little economic boom during the shooting.

“They rented every available rental space and RV that we had,” said McKinney.

She said the Syfy folks were quite nice during their time in town.

The show kicks off with six episodes. If it’s a hit, maybe the crew will be back to shoot more, she said.

Meantime, the townsfolk are ready to watch the debut next week on everything from computers to big-screen TVs.

“There’s going to be ‘Ghost Mine’ parties all over town,” she said.

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