The Farm Service Agency is accepting applications for assistance for spring flood damage to producers in Grant County.

Applications will be accepted through Oct. 2 for the Emergency Conservation Program, which provides cost-share assistance to affected producers that suffered damage of such magnitude that it would be too costly for the producer to rehabilitate without federal assistance, according to a press release.

A producer qualifying for ECP assistance may receive cost shares not to exceed 75 percent of the cost of installing eligible practices. Limited resource producers may receive up to 90 percent cost share. No producer is eligible for more than $500,000 cost sharing per natural disaster. Approved practices and measures may include removing debris from farmland; grading, shaping or releveling severely damaged farmland; restoring permanent fences; and restoring conservation structures and other similar installations (ditches, head gates, diversions, etc.).

To be eligible for cost share, practices shall not be started until a request has first been filed at the FSA county office, and an onsite inspection of the problem area has been made by the County Committee or its representative. The County Committee will review the on-site inspection findings when considering the request for cost shares.

If approved for cost share, all practices where ground disturbance will take place will need to have a cultural resource review completed for that area. Installation of a practice will need technical planning completed by the Natural Resource Conservation Service, except for debris removal or fence repair. Installation will have to meet NRCS standards and guidelines. Planning will be to rebuild the damaged practices to pre-disaster condition. All practices must be installed for use this year.

Producers who have experienced flood damage requiring outside assistance are encouraged to contact the Grant County FSA Office at 541-523-7121, extension 2, to set up an appointment.


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