Grant County Library

Grant County Library Director Vicki Bond at the library in 2018.

As phases roll out, allowing business and buildings to open their doors, one building remains closed as they continue to work hard to be ready to open: the Grant County Library.

While the library had plans to open on June 15 or June 22, unanswered questions from state officials have made an opening date unsure at the moment.

Grant County Librarian Vicki Bond said they are waiting until Gov. Kate Brown talks with the head librarian in the Salem area to figure out what to do with the libraries.

“We just have to know exactly how long to quarantine our books,” Bond said. “It has to come from the governor’s mouth. That way our county insurance will cover it if somebody claims they got COVID from us or one of our books.”

Bond also expanded on the difference in the county library and why they need to wait for the governor’s response.

“A lot of the libraries are state-funded, and it’s a whole different insurance policy, but we are county policy and we have to do what the governor says,” Bond said.

The team at the library has been hard at work preparing for when they can open and begin with curbside delivery.

Bond said the library got bags and masks so they can put books in them and then hand them out at the doors of the library. They also have disinfectant wipes to clean every book and plan to date and stamp every book for when the book’s quarantine is finished.

For people going online to see if a book is available, the library is planning to have the system update to say if the book is in stock and if it’s in quarantine.

“We are trying our hardest to make our library come back again because we have so many people in our population that can’t afford to buy books and can’t afford to use the internet for various things such as trainings, job searching and things like that,” Bond said.


Rudy Diaz is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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