Grant County can expect a May 8-10 homecoming from a couple of former residents who wanted to revisit the area after a very long absence.

Eighty-four-year-old Elizabeth "Woodie" Nichols will be accompanied by son, Jay Nichols, during the short visit.

The Nichols family lived in Grant County in the mid-1950s, but their lives changed dramatically when Woodie's husband, Frank Norfleet "Jack" Nichols, was killed in an automobile accident in March 1955. Shortly afterwards Mrs. Nichols moved with her two young sons back to Mississippi, where they had lived previously.

The last mention of their visit in the April 9 Blue Mountain Eagle brought some interesting connections. Irene Waterman of Canyon City babysat for Jay for a short time and has contacted Mrs. Nichols. Stephanie Hyde Walters of South Carolina (formerly of Izee), contacted Jay and mentioned that her grandmother's (Venus Hyde's) maiden name was Elliott, although it has probably been determined that the Nichols family rented a little house on Bridge Street, John Day from Mickey Elliott. Also, longtime Grant County resident Tom Hunt contacted the family and will be in touch with them during their time in the area.

A detail that has not brought response is that Woodie worked at the courthouse. Anyone have recollections from that era? If so, contact Jay at 1-800-725-2265 or e-mail to or Elizabeth "Woodie" Nichols can be reached at (662) 837-4959 or write to: 407 W. Walnut St., Ripley, MS 38663.

An after-the-visit update will follow.

A Soldier's Poem

By Nancy Moeller

My husband is a soldier

in the U.S. of A.

He fights for your freedom

each night and each day.

His vacations are cut short

and his work days pushed long

yet his faith shall stand fast

and his values will stay strong.

He is trained and he is ready

if you send him to war

His weapon he will steady

and he will fight for what he is for.

So I ask you to pray

and take some time out

at the end of this day

to remember what this war is all about.

It isn't about oil

in a land far away

but the price of a country's freedom

we can grant them one day.

Our soldiers will fight

to free them from terror

It is time to stand behind Bush

this war was no error.

The people will be freed

by the end of this attack

and Saddam will lie dead

in Baghdad, Iraq.

Written in honor of Sgt. Quinn Moeller, United States Army by his proud wife, Nancy Moeller.

"Death takes no bribes"- Benjamin Franklin

If you have interesting tid-bits about Grant County people, contact Heather at 575-0710 or e-mail

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