PRAIRIE CITY – Today’s date, June 6, has great significance in history. In 1844, the YMCA was founded in London. In 1934, the Securities and Exchange Commission was established. But the most profound significance is found in the fact that this is D-Day. I wonder if kids learn about that in school today. And when you write the date this year, it comes our 6-6-12. I bet the numerologists would have a field day with that.

There were 41 diners in the hall, one meals-on-wheels and 15 take-outs. The servers were Pam Howard, Vivian Rookstool and Lou Thoemke. Del Lake led the flag salute, and Jerry Sheets asked the blessing. Dorothy Blasing won the gift certificate donated by Prairie Drug and Hardware.

The meal: apple juice, taco soup, marinated veggies, apple-blueberry salad, rolls, and peach cobbler for dessert. My, my, just look at all the fruits and vegetables in that meal. Helen said it was all good.

The lovely ladies from Blue Mountain Nursing Home, Lorna and Kellyn, brought Dee Allen, Lola Kastl and Cora Stubblefield.

Elaine Tucker brought her friend, Alice Wilson. Geraniums by Iva Gill were also in attendance again.

Thanks to all who set up the tables and clean up afterwards. Norma and Wanda did the bookwork. There is a new cook’s helper in the kitchen, who does a bang up job, too. Thanks, A.J.

And a special “thank you” to Donna Hancock for the information she sent to me. I did that because she told me that this is the first thing she reads in the paper.

Well, we got three birthdays and two Father’s Days celebrated last week. Even threw in a visit to a doctor, and also to a former pastor. We just don’t go up there and watch the traffic in the rain. I got to do what I love, too – give music lessons. And I got what I love – homemade chocolate drops and a massage. Doesn’t get much better than that.

So back to the “trying to fit all this stuff into this smaller house” activity. We’re making progress. Keep finding little nooks and crannies that we can put shelves in. Then I remember that we can’t cover up all the walls with shelves. Have two big boxes of pictures that need a home too.

Younger son, Joel, and family get to move into a larger house in six weeks. She’s having lots of fun deciding what goes where. Mine is more like, “If I put it there, can we get past it to wherever we need to get to?”

Some advice from a cowboy: If the job you did speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.

Obadiah 1:15 “As you have done, it shall be done to you; your dealings will return upon your own head.”

JOHN DAY – Monday, June 4, there were approximately 30 people served. The entree was baked potato bar with all the trimmings with green salad, garlic bread, and cookies for dessert. The servers were from the Blue Mountain Hospital Auxiliary, Bert Kruse and Donna Mills.

Veanne Weddle announced that there are still scholarships available for the health fair, Friday, June 15. Contact her at 541-575-2949.

She also announced that the nominees for the Senior Site Council are Ron Dowse, Wally Wedde, Mary Wallace, Rita Bremner and Glory Kullis. We will vote on them on Thursday, June 14. The next meeting of the Site Council is at 9:30 a.m. Monday, June 18.

We had Elsie Huskey and Karen Barrietua greeting us at the desk. There were 17 meals delivered by the Lees. The flag salute was led by Don Porter, and the blessing was given by Bert Kruse. The Len’s certificate was won by Ruby Oliver, and the free meal was won by Betty Quiroz. There were no guests today.

On Tuesday, June 5, we had 27 people for bingo. The pots were $2, $2 and $2, $12 for the Speedo game, and $10 dollars for the regular games. The blackout games were $250 for 50 numbers or less, $15 for 51 numbers of more, $590 for 59 numbers or less, and $15 for 60 numbers or more. No one won the big blackout games, so next week they will be $250 for 50 numbers or less, and $599 for 60 numbers or less. The consolation amount will depend on the number or people playing.

Thursday, June 7, there were 39 people fed. The entree was shepherd’s pie with green salad and hot rolls, with birthday cake for dessert. The shepherd’s pie doesn’t contain any lamb; it’s all beef with potatoes, cheese and vegetables. The servers were from St. Thomas Episcopal Church. They were Helen Bogart, Darwin Thompson, Don Porter and Linda Stoltz. We had Karen Barrietua and Jean Willey greeting us at the desk. We had one guest from Umatilla, Karen Love. There were 21 meals delivered by Chaplain Richie Colbeth and Veanne Weddle.

The Chester’s Thriftway certificate was won by Margarita West, and the Katrina’s Barber Shop one was won by Alva Conlee. The menu on Thursday June 14, will be meat loaf.

The John Day column was written this week by Ron Dowse, filling in for Alma Joslin.

MONUMENT – On Tuesday, June 5, we had 42 people at the tables for lunch, plus four take-outs. Our menu consisted of spaghetti, green salad, Texas toast, and chocolate cake for dessert.

Don’t forget, if you’re going to the health fair Friday, June 15, the bus leaves at 7 a.m.

My information notes usually don’t bother me, and I’m please to see new things in them, but this week’s made me sad. It said that Selma Adams from Spray had passed away. I’ve known her for many years; she was always a lovely lady.

Everybody who mentions graduation tells of how nice it was. A lot of people went, which was very nice, and actually the kids all did quite well in all sections of school, grades and sports. One of the adults who went to China with them said it was a wonderful surprise to see how well they behaved. Their manners were great and there was nothing to to make anyone, Chinese or fellow tourists, say, “See, the Americans are all hoodlums.” At first, I thought a trip to China was a little off the wall, but when the kids started working for it, I changed my mind. They did work hard, and I really hoped that none of them forgot to thank their parents for all the effort they put in to helping make their trip into a reality.

Only had one visitor in the notes, but she’s a dandy. It was our “Queen Calla” from Anderson, Texas. Don’t know how long she’ll be here, but hope it’s long enough for her to honk and wave when she drives by. I know Marva and Wallie are pleased!

Our certificate winners were Pam Callahan, Chester’s Thriftway; Sharon Falls, free meal; and Donna Campbell, Len’s Drug.

I heard a rumor – so you’d best check with someone – that the high school greenhouse is pretty well full of flowers, and maybe some vegetables. But everyone has left, or is leaving the school, and they said if you want some plants, go get them. But, like I said, maybe you ought to check with someone.

Monday afternoon, June 4, we had a live reality plumbing show here at my house. The cast was composed of “My girl Friday,” aka Carrie; my landlady, aka Terry; and her mother, Mary Ella.

The two young ones each worked on my sink which had developed a dirty habit of stopping up. They couldn’t budge it. Terry left to go get her dad to fix it. Don’t know what happened but she came back with her mom. And as usual the beauty and maturity won the battle. Thanks Mary.


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