PRAIRIE CITY – Another beautiful day in Grant County. The sky is so blue. No smoke or dust or smog. Look out for sunburn, though.

Have one area to paint that never gets any shade, so I do it early in the morning. But the backs of my hands have gotten really tanned. Oh dear. The dermatologist won’t like that. But I got some natural vitamin D.

The potted plants on the tables today were miniature mums. Real cute little things.

The faithful four did their table setting duty, but one didn’t make it back for dinner. Our volunteer servers were Jerry Sheets, Gary Jacobson and Marlene Greear. Marvin Casebeer led the flag salute, and Billy Drinkwater asked the blessing. The $5 in trade donated by Prairie Drug and Hardware was awarded to another faithful servant, Vivian Rookstool.

And we were served juice, fried potatoes, apple salad, lima bean and ham soup, cornbread, and a cinnamon roll for dessert. I had to take the cinnamon roll home for supper because I didn’t have any room for it in my tummy. The onions that were fried with the potatoes came from the O’Hara garden. Thanks for your donations – again. There were lots of compliments to the cooks, too, for a great meal.

The faithful ladies from Blue Mountain Nursing Home, Lorna and Kellyn, brought Lois and Elmer Terryberry, Ruth Garrison, and Dee Allen.

Marvin announced that he needs to know if there is any interest in having an AARP-sponsored driving course at our center. Let him know as soon as you can.

So we ended up with 36 diners in the hall, nine take-outs, and two meals-on-wheels, for a total of 47.

Ruth McPherren and Bonnie Lake prewashed the silverware while the men folk took care of sweeping the floor, washing off the table cloths and putting the chairs back. Thanks again for your volunteer service.

We send get well wishes to Dorothy Blasing who had to have hip surgery in Bend yesterday. And the powers-that-be wanted to see if they could get her standing up today. Remember when that was not the norm?

The Strawberry Grange board had their monthly meeting today. If you were supposed to be there, mark it down for October. It’s the second Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.

Got a phone call this morning from Wronki, Poland; Bert and family went to see the relatives. Said the trip was awesome in that every time they needed help to find their way in the airport, someone was right there asking if they could help. Two of the airports were in the process of expanding, so where you used to go would not work now, and the help was very much appreciated.

In regard to the bridges construction on Highway 26: Wonder how many fish were in those two little creeks? And I wish someone would fix the sign that says “_LEASE USE CAU_ION.”

Prov. 19:27 “Stop listening to instruction ... and you will stray from the words of knowledge.”

JOHN DAY – Here we are headed to the middle of September already. Monday, Sept. 10, we had spaghetti, green salad, green beans and garlic bread, with Judy’s famous brownies for dessert. The entree was furnished by Redeemer Lutheran Church, whose members also served us. The crew consisted of the Rev. Roger and Joyce Blesi, Buzz and Bobbi Gilmore, and Erie Miller.

Gayle Ryder and Ron Dowse greeted us at the desk. Buzz led the flag salute, and Rev. Blesi asked the blessing.

Veanne Weddle announced that on Thursday, Sept. 20, we’ll have some old-time fiddlers to entertain us and give a preview of their show, which will be at 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 22, at Grant Union Junior-Senior High School. The Future Business Leaders of America will sponsor the fund-raiser with music by the Old Time Fiddlers, dancing, cake walks and a homemade pie auction. For more information, call Carolyn Stout at 541-575-1827.

There were 17 meals delivered by Veanne and the Lees, and we fed about 35 at the center. Ivan Porfily won the Len’s Drug gift certificate, and Marianne Morris won the free meal.

On Sept. 11, there were 26 present for bingo. Four more and the pots would have gone up, so bring a friend next time. As it was, the regular pots were $10, and the blackout consolation was $15. Neither blackout jackpot was won, so next week they will be $250 in 50 numbers, and $520 in 52 numbers. The dollar game was won at $45, and the quarter game at $17.50.

On Thursday, Sept. 13, we had baked chicken, buttered potatoes, ham and pea salad, and rolls. For dessert, Velvet Touch Car Wash and Driskill Memorial Chapel furnished the monthly birthday cake from Chester’s Thriftway. This is always such a nice treat. Representing them were Chris Bellender and Jackie Osborne.

The entree was furnished by Ye Olde Thrift Shop. At the desk again today were Gayle Ryder and Ron Dowse. Carla Anderson led the flag salute. Veanne thanked everyone for all the produce they are bringing in to share. It is a real blessing for those who share their bounty, and we all enjoy it.

We had the Monument gang here: Betty Shrofe, Marva Walker and Betty Breeding. Denise from Golden Heritage brought her people down also.

The servers were Carla and Andy Anderson, Anne Gochnour, and Zola Pike form Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. Andy asked the blessing. There were 22 meals delivered by Veanne, and Chaplain Richie Colbeth and his wife Sandy. We fed about 60 here. Charlie Hyder won the Chester’s Thriftway certificate, and Gayle Ryder won a meal for two at Valley View Assisted Living Facility.

“The righteous eat to their hearts’ content, but the stomach of the wicked goes hungry.” Proverb 13:25.

MONUMENT – This week at the senior’s meal there were 37 people present and 7 take-outs. Our visitors were Gus Peterson and his son from John Day. Gus has been a long time resident of Monument and it was nice to visit with him and his son.

My husband and I drive the Monument community bus the second Thursday of every month. This month we went to John Day on Thursday, Sept. 13. We take our residents to meet their medical needs such as doctor appointments or to the hospital for other medical needs. We generally go to the numerous banks in John Day per request of the people on board. On these trips we typically stop at Len’s Drug – frequently twice – and at least one hardware store or sometimes both. We always stop at Chester’s Thriftway and, more often than not, one of the feed stores.

So if there are other citizens of Monument who have some of these needs, please feel free to join us. The highlight of each month is that we visit the John Day Senior Center for a delicious lunch. It is enjoyable to catch up on current news with friends there. We extend our gratitude to the John Day cooks, servers and the ones who donate the meal and the dessert, especially the scrumptious cake.

We use the community bus to go to different locations throughout the immediate area to take our residents to have lunch at the numerous senior centers. We also purchase food for the Monument Food Pantry. On occasion we go to Hermiston and pick up potatoes for this reason. Although we do not use the community bus, we do pick up the food for the Monument Food Pantry once a month in La Grande.

There will be an “Old Time Fiddle Show” at 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 22, at Grant Union Junior-Senior High School. So put on your dancing shoes as there will be a dance, a cake walk, a pie auction and a concession stand. Admission is $5 for adults and for children under 12, admission will be free. If you come with an immediate family, large group admission is only $15. The program will be sponsored by Grant Union High School’s Future Business Leaders of America.

It seems as if fall is on its way more quickly than I would prefer, however, I’m looking forward to cooler days and nights. Wednesday morning while we were getting the community bus ready to go to John Day, we noticed a garden in Monument that had definitely been frozen the night before. I am not ready for my garden to freeze. I suppose it is not up to me, but I am still not ready.

The leaves on the trees are changing, and I have noticed some leaves that have fallen in our lawn. Soon we will be raking and raking as were have two acres of lawn with a variety of trees all around. Unfortunately for us, the trees are not all the same variety so this means we have leaves falling for several weeks or at least until the snow falls.


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