Grant Union manhandles Elgin

Grant Union High School's defensive front forces a turnover as the Prospectors shut out Elgin 46-0 on Friday night. The Eagle/DAVID CARKHUFF

ELGIN - In a dominating league opener, the Grant Union High School Prospector football team beat Elgin 46-0 on Friday.

The Prospectors improved to 3-0 overall, 1-0 in the Wapiti League. Elgin fell to 1-2 overall, 0-1 in the Wapiti League.

Stifling defense and a punishing air attack elevated the Prospectors to a 13-0 lead with six minutes remaining in the first quarter. It was all downhill from there for the outsized and outmanned Elgin Huskies. By halftime, the Prospectors held a 40-0 lead.

Grant Union senior running back Brandon Hueckman and junior fullback Cody Frazier each scored a pair of touchdowns on the ground. Senior quarterback Trevor Simmons kept the ball for a pair of running TDs, and he connected with senior wide receiver Billy Colson on a 79-yard pass for a touchdown. The Prospectors mixed in younger players in the second half and battled more competitively with the home team. The Pros ended action with 4:30 left in the fourth quarter when Simmons returned at quarterback and engineered a downfield drive, capped by a 1-yard quarterback keeper into the end zone. The game was called on the 45-point rule.

For Elgin, sophomore safety Codi Burgess provided a spark by intercepting Grant Union's backup quarterback Austin Rawlins in the fourth quarter. However, Elgin's best chance to score was stopped by a stubborn Grant Union defense, and the Huskies turned the ball over on downs.

Grant Union mustered 64 yards of rushing and 99 yards of passing in the first quarter; 76 and 58 yards of rushing and passing, respectively, in the second; 45 and 8 in the third; and 86 and 11 in the fourth, for a total of 447 yards of offense.

Elgin was held to 42 and 9 yards of rushing and passing, respectively, in the first quarter; 25 and 10 in the second; and 26 yards of rushing with no completed passes in each of the third and fourth quarters, for a total of 138 yards of offense.

Scoring by quarter



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