It was a foggy night. I was tired and needed a place to sleep. I was walking up a trail when I saw a house nearby. I went inside and the doors locked behind me. The windows were boarded up. I was trapped!

I looked for another door. None. I went upstairs. I saw a dragon! I ran downstairs and up a different staircase. I saw a werewolf! I ran back downstairs. Then I saw a door! I opened the door. There were stairs.

I went up the stairs. I saw a bed. When I pulled the covers off, I saw a bear! I went through a door on the opposite side of the room. There was an elevator, or at least that's what I thought. I pressed the "over" button wondering what would happen. It went up, down, over, and diagonally. It finally stopped. I stepped out. The elevator left.

I walked along the wall. Suddenly the wall turned inside out! I saw boulders rolling all over the place. I saw some stones sticking up, too. I ran to one. I pressed it. Nothing happened. I ran to another one and pressed it. Still nothing happened. I ran to a third and pressed it. Snakes started to fall! I ran to the last one and pressed it. A door opened. There was a maze.

I went through the maze, found the end, and went through the door. There was a sword! I grabbed it. Then I saw a key! I grabbed it, too. Then I saw a door. It was locked, so I used the key. I went through the door and saw a snake-like thing. It came to attack me. I dodged and hit it on the tail. It turned to attack again. It swished its tail at me and I hit its tail back. Then it charged at me. I jumped out of its way and hit its tail again. It started to attack anything it could! I jumped on it. It swung its tail at me and I hit it back. Then I hit its tail one last time and it blew up.

A transport appeared, and I went home.

Seth Lallatin is a third-grade student in Susie Garrison's class at Humbolt Elementary School.

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