Baker City - Baker Hotel. Reports of parties on the second floor, especially in one room. Ladies of the evening are showing their ghostly appearance coming down the long stairway. Bend - Congress house. Many people have seen ghosts that inhabit this house that is from the turn of the century. In fact, there have been a few families that have lived there that have either died or something tragic has happened to them due to living in the cursed house. O'Kane building. Many people have reported seeing ghostly smoke, weird lights, footsteps, and voices. On the ground floor, in a restaurant, people have reported a ghostly voice (maybe of a long-dead waitress) shouting names and orders. The basement of the building is also haunted by the ghost of an old man. Elgin - Elgin High School. Custodians, teachers, and students have all heard the sound of running and basketballs late at night in the gymnasium. One year, on their way to a basketball game, two high school lovers were killed in a car wreck, never making the game. At night in the old school, you can hear the sounds of basketballs and running echo throughout the school. Opera house. Haunted by two ghosts. In the late 1800s there was a gun fight over one of the local young woman that lived in town. The two men are seen fighting on the front steps with their big six shooters firing at each other. They are both seen holding their chests and falling to the ground. Helix - Griswold School. Haunted by Dr. Griswold, the founder of the school, and his wife. They can be seen looking in the left window in the gymnasium, although Dr. Griswold has been seen more often. La Grande - Candy Cane Park. Reports of the merry-go-round being haunted and cursed by a woman. Hot Lake. It was a resort built in 1907 considered the "Mayo Clinic of the West" because of the hot springs, it burned down in 1934 all except the brick portion, after that it was used as a hotel and then an insane asylum and finally a restaurant in the 1970s. Reports of a piano playing when there isn't a piano in the building, and clattering footsteps roaming the halls. Pendleton - Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute. Guards have stated hearing people down below yelling: "help, help, help." Pendleton Arts Center. Used to be a Library. Haunted by old librarian who ate a whole bar of lye soap in the basement over a love affair. She has been seen often at night in the windows looking out, and when it was a library she used to knock books over with a violent push. The basement is now rarely used and only during the day by employees. Pendleton High Auditorium. Ghost of former student resides there. Has been seen in the light loft and in seat J-26. Ryan has also been known to run across the stage. During shows, pieces of scenery have moved and maniacal laughing has been heard.SOURCE:

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