JOHN DAY – The annual Grant County Health Fair is coming  up on Friday, June 17, at Grant Union High School.

The fair will run from 6 a.m. to noon, and will include the blood draw and PSA as in the last years, each costing $30 and $15, respectively.

In addition, people can get their blood pressure checked and obtain tetanus and pneumonia shots, as well as hearing checks and other services. Booths will offer information about dental services, chiropractry, dermatology, diet, vision and more. 

There will be safety information on Air- Link, fire prevention, Healthy Kids, in-home care, and more.

The Grant County Health Fair is co-sponsored by Grant County Health Department, Malheur National Forest, Blue Mountain Hospital and Blue Mountain Hospital Women’s Auxiliary.

Pre-registration is under way at the Grant County Health Department or the Senior Center from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a limited time.  Payment is required when you pre-register and there are no refunds if you later find you can’t make it to the fair.

The Grant County Health Fair Committee is challenging residents who sign up for the fair to also donate to a fund to provide scholarships for those who may not be able to afford the low-cost blood testing.  The Grant County Health Department will determine the recipients of the assistance.

Donations may be made by cash or check at the Health Department by June 13. Checks should be payable to Blue Mountain Hospital.

Last year’s challenge collected $1,080, and 36 people received scholarships for the tests.

For more information call the Grant County Health Department at 541-575-0429.

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