Health Tip of the Week: Comparing the effectiveness of insect repellents

Health Tip of the Week: Comparing the effectiveness of insect repellents

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (July 4, 2002) compared the effectiveness of various insect repellents. This is a summary of those results:

ProductActive ingredientAverage time until first bite (minutes)OFF! Deep WoodsDEET, 23.8%301.5Sawyer Controlled ReleaseDEET, 20%234.4OFF! SkintasticDEET, 6.65%112.4Bite Blocker for KidsSoybean oil, 2%94.6OFF! Skintastic for KidsDEET, 4.75%88.4Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard PlusIR3535, 7.5%22.9NatrapelCitronella, 10%19.7Herbal Armor (microencapsulated)Citronella, 12%; peppermint oil, 2.5%; cedar oil, 2%; lemongrass oil, 1%; geranium oil, 0.05%18.9Green Ban for PeopleCitronella, 10%; peppermint oil, 2%14Buzz AwayCitronella, 5%13.5Skin-So-Soft Bug GuardCitronella, 0.1%10.3Skin-So-Soft Bath OilUncertain9.6Skin-So-Soft Moisturizing SuncareCitronella, 0.05%2.8Gone Original WristbandDEET, 9.5%0.3Repello WristbandDEET, 9.5%0.2Gone Plus Repelling WristbandCitronella, 25%0.2

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