Hendriksen contributes to military medical readiness

Stephanie Hendriksen, 2002 Prairie City High School graduate, standing in front of an ambulance at Sewell's Point Branch Medical Clinic. U.S. Navy/Patrick Keane

NORFOLK, Va. - Norfolk is home to the largest U.S. naval base in the world, and just outside its gates is the medical facility that takes care of its health care needs. The mission of Sewell's Point Branch Medical Clinic (BMC) is to provide unparalleled health care to patients on a daily basis.-

Hospitalman Stephanie Hendriksen, daughter of Rod and Etta Hendriksen of Prairie City, is an important part of this community.- As a hospitalman apprentice at BMC, she is an example of BMC's dedication to caring for our nation's sailors, Marines, soldiers, Coast Guardsman and airmen.

Hendriksen serves as an aviation medicine and physical exams corpsman.-

"I keep the entire Tidewater area deployable by assisting in separation exams for service members due to retirement and those whose enlistment terms are completed."

"I chose my job with the intention of becoming an x-ray technician and am currently training for the position," she said.-"I enjoy knowing I'm making a difference."

"Since I've reported to this command I've responded to a number of aircraft emergencies," said the 2002 graduate of Prairie City High School.-

Although challenges exist in the military way of life, there are also many unique opportunities available with military service.

"I've become qualified as an emergency medical technician and emergency medical operator."

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