Here a school, there a school - across Grant County

<p>The old Silvies Valley School in southern Grant County is typical of the style of one-room schoolhouses across the region.</p>


It wasn’t just miners flooding into Grant County during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Families arrived too, which meant a growing number of children who needed to be educated, even if just through eighth-grade.

And with people spread far distances in this rural area, and transportation limited to foot or animal-powered methods, getting kids to school presented a problem.

The simple solution: Bring schools to where the kids were.

Over that period, numerous one-room schools sprang up throughout the Grant County to serve the need. Though not a complete list, here are some of those small schools, along with what is known about their start dates and locations :

• Strawberry Creek School, 1893 – West of the Roger Kent Ranch

• Andy Thompson School – Below Blue Mountain Springs on the Thompson homestead

• Indian Creek School, 1887 – On Indian Creek Road.

• Bear Valley Lodge 1 School (District 37), 1900s – Served Seneca and Camp 1

• Junction School, 1910 – Kimberly

• Winegar School, 1890 – In Winegar Gulch, south of the Alfred Coombs Ranch. Later moved to where the Riverside School stands today.

• Dixie Creek School – Near the Ernie Ricco Ranch.

• Meador School, 1890s – Three miles above Prairie City, near the home of Mike and Helen Emmel.

• Lofton School – Fox Valley, logschool house located in the Fox Cemetery. There were four one-room schools at one time in Fox.

• Brownlee School, 1880

• Marysville School, 1880 – On French Charlie Hill (now Dog Creek Road).

• Old Rebel School, 1864 – On Rebel Hill in Canyon City.

• Bates School, 1900s

• Silvies School, 1898

• Lone Rock School – In the Cross Hollow District

• Moon Creek School, 1876 – Between Mt. Vernon and Dayville

• Round Basin School, 1900s – Near Monument

• Cottonwood Creek School, 1900s

• Carter School – Three miles east of Long Creek

• Cummingsville School – 15 miles west of Mt. Vernon

• Cammingville School, 1900s – On Dry Creek near Moon Creek

• Logdell School – Bear Valley

• Cant Ranch, 1917 – School was held on the third floor of the Cant family home.

• Izee School, 1900s – In Walker Gulch, later moved to the old McCoffery home.

Information contributed by the Sumpter Valley RR and DeWitt Museum in Prairie City.

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