Three highway projects will take place in Grant County this year that may disrupt traffic flow.

According to Oregon Department of Transportation Public Affairs Officer Tom Strandberg, the culvert under Highway 26 at milemarker 164.1 near Pine Creek will be replaced with a wider concrete box unit.

“During construction, travelers can expect lane closures, flaggers and delays of up to 20 minutes,” he said.

The work involves trenching all the way across the highway. Strandberg said he wasn’t sure if temporary traffic signals would be used on this project.

A hazard tree removal project on Highway 395 south of Canyon City is also on the schedule. There’s concern trees burned in the 2015 Canyon Creek Complex fire could fall from steep slopes onto the highway. The plan is to leave the trees in place after they’re cut, laying horizontally across the slope to keep them from moving farther downhill.

Strandberg said the project would be coordinated with ODOT’s maintenance department and must be assessed ahead of time by a state arborist.

“When work does happen, traffic impacts will typically include lane closures, reduced speeds, flaggers, possible pilot cars, trucks or equipment on the roadway and delays of up to 20 minutes,” he said.

Two more projects scheduled along Highway 395 south of Canyon City will address potential flooding by Canyon Creek. Rock and debris will be removed from the stream bed near the curve at milemarker 4.2, and the stream banks will be stabilized with rip-rap. The work will take place between July 15 and Sept. 15 to minimize impacts to native fish, Strandberg said.

Crews also will place rock around the bridge footings at milemarker 7.25 to protect the structure from erosion and debris flow. Travelers can expect flaggers, lane closures and delays up to 20 minutes while the crews are working, Strandberg said. Twenty-four-hour flagging is possible during the “in-water work periods,” he said.

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