Hofinger receives AeA scholarship

Maria Hofinger

PORTLAND - At Intel's Jones Farm complex in Hillsboro in late September, more than 100 college students from across Oregon joined with 60 high-tech leaders to better understand how students can take advantage of corporate internships and mentoring by engineers and computer scientists. The students, ranging from freshman to seniors in college are recipients of AeA Technology Scholarships which includes a $10,000 award, a paid summer internship at a high-tech company, and a mentoring relationship with an engineer or computer scientist.

Three Eastern Oregon high school students are recipients of the AeA scholarships and this is the first year that students at these schools have won AeA scholarships. The students received their first annual award and met their corporate mentors on Sept. 22. Scholarship recipients are: Maria Hofinger of Canyon City, who will be attending Portland State University and will be studying electrical engineering; Dean Defrees of Baker City, who will be attending Oregon State University and studying mechanical engineering; and Kimberly Saito of Nyssa, who will also be attending OSU and studying chemistry. The student awards will help with tuition, as well as mentoring and internship opportunities that accompany the prize.

The new 2003 scholarships, which are competitive merit-based scholarships, were awarded to 25 freshmen were sponsored by four high-technology corporations - Hewlet-Packard Company, InFocus Corporation, Intel Corporation, and Pixelworks Inc.

ETIC was established in 1997 by the Oregon Legislature as a 10-year, multi-million dollar strategy to create job opportunities by growing an in-state high-tech workforce through nationally ranked programs and faculty, and providing support for young people wishing to enter the field. Officials believe professionals hired from Oregon's colleges and universities are more likely to stay in Oregon as their skills grow.

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