Mt. Vernon Middle School2nd Quarter Honor Roll

High Honors

Grade 8

Daniel Bentz

Rayce Houser

Rayne Houser

Kennedy Nash

Grade 7

Amy Lallatin

Grade 6

Marta Faulkner

Ashlie Pulleiro

Joshua Taynton

McKenzie Wilson

Honor Roll

Grade 8

Hannah Andrews

Stephanie Croghan

Mikayla Luttrell

Samantha Snyder

Hannah Brandsma

Braden Witty

Grade 7

Carli Gardner

Lucinda Harper

Tyler Manitsas

Mariah Meyerholz

Adilene Olivera

Taylor Edgar

Trinity Nash

Riley Sharp

Hannah Willey

Charli Bowden

Matthew Broemeling

Mitchell Moulton

Harsh Patel

Grade 6

Samantha Brock

Avery Lenz

Railey Namitz

Jocelynn Smith

Wyatt Weaver

McKenzie Wilson

Garrett McConnell

Lacey McDaniel

Dawson Quinton

Chance Barrietua

Brady Burch

Tammara Hickerson

Honorable Mention

Grade 8

Dakota Kygar

Lauren Miller-Forbes

Taylor Smith

Tucker Wright

Preslie Thompson

Levi Coalwell

Madison Hilton

CheyAnne Maley

Charlie Wolf

Shyanne Carpenter

Levi McClellan

Kody Nelson

Arron Palmer

Grade 7

Andrew Houghton

Alea King

Connor Prescott

Auna Waldner

Krista Brown

Hannah Deming

Sydney Stearns

Paige Hughes

John Cook

Amber Hensley

Grade 6

Mariah Boyd

Meisha Meyerholz

Vicente Olivera

Kyle Cook

Dana Norland

Hannah Updegrave

Ricky Weickum

Mariah Gibson

Kaylyn Joslin

Jaiden Kerr

MaKayla Moss

Randel Smith

Amanda Brandon

Hayden Young

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