Honors abound at 4-H achievement, appreciation day

County project medal winners include (front row, from left): Nathaniel Ashley, Jason Jackson, Sylvia Dowdy, Jay Adams, Katie Oliver and Julie Bowling. Back row, from left: Randy Dowdy, Jennifer Peterson, Jana Peterson, Ashley Mund, Tiffnie Ashley, Drew Mecham and Emily Keerins. Not pictured are Wilson Bruning, Alicia Thomas, Jeannie Allen, Angie Allen, Lisa Bennett and Kelsey Josi.

CANYON CITY - More than 65 4-H members, families, leaders and 4-H donors were recognized Oct. 12 at the annual 4-H Achievement and Appreciation Day. 4-H Ambassadors Ashley Mund and Emma Winkelman were in charge of the day.

Special accolades were given to Gibb Gregg, Dayville, and Dan Cornell, Canyon City, for their outstanding service and contributions in time, efforts and investment in the 4-H youth program of Grant County.

4-H members receiving special recognition were Ashley Mund, Sam Keerins Leadership Memorial award; Sylvia Dowdy, Outstanding Citizenship Award, and Caitlin Patten, Junior 4-H member Citizenship Award. Kaitlin Woosley and Lorelle Bowling were named outstanding Junior 4-H members; Emma Winkelman and Jay Adams received outstanding Intermediate 4-H members.

Emily Keerins was named Outstanding 4-H Livestock member and Ashley Mund, Outstanding 4-H Home Economics/Expressive Arts member. Keerins and Mund each received trophies and plaques.

Project medals were awarded to 4-H members who excelled in their project work as well as leadership and citizenship activities. Medal winners included: Lisa Bennett, dairy cattle; Drew Mecham, leathercraft; Jana Peterson, dog; Wilson Bruning, citizenship; Ashley Mund, fashion revue; Emily Keerins, achievement; Sylvia Dowdy, leadership; Nathaniel Ashley, archery; Jason Jackson, rifle; Alicia Thomas, goats; Jeannie Allen, clothing and textiles; Julie Bowling and Kati Oliver, natural resources; Kelsey Josi, horse; Randy Dowdy, meat animal swine; Jennifer Peterson, meat animal sheep; Tiffnie Ashley, photography; Jay Adams, veterinary science; and Angie Allen, horticulture.

Danielle Ricco received the Grant County Stockgrowers traveling trophy for producing the top beef carcass and she also won the beef jackpot record book carcass contest as well as a Steer of Merit award. Second place in the beef jackpot record book carcass contest was Josh Ewings; third place went to Cherise Ricco.

Outstanding record book recognition went to Amanda Branstetter, Shannon and Taylor Croghan, Daniel and Chantal DesJardin, Jessica Drake, Jay Kimball, Gus King, Colin Peterson, J. D. Reynolds, Irene Ribeiro, Caye Stokes, Kaitlyn Webb, Melissa Walker, Breanna Wilson, Lacy Wood, Alec Oliver, Alicia Thomas, Tiffnie and Nathaniel Ashley, Julie Bowling, Janna and Jennifer Peterson, Emma Winkelman, Brittany and Janelle Lawrence, Ashley Mund and Emily Keerins.

Receiving first-year leader recognition were Donna Adams, Jeb Bowling, Nikki Essex, Joan Henry, Kim Joslin, Andrea Lane, Linda Nelson, Stephanie Parsons, Pam Sheppard and Michelle Warner.

Five-year leader recognition went to Mark Bagett, Dennis Bradley, Linda Brown, John LaLiberte, Denise Tschida, Carroll Walton and Jody Winkelman.

Jennie Mund and Elaine Husted were acknowledged for their 10 years as 4-H leaders, Jackie Osborne and Gale Sheppard for 11 years, Joanne Keerins for 12 years, Debbie Rodgers for 13 years of youth work, Ilah Bennett and Sue Komning for 14 years, Gary Adams as a 4-H leader for 17 years, Linda Hunt for 18 years, Margaret Lemons for 19 years, Jan Bauer for 20 years, Dennis Reynolds for 27 years and Julie Reynolds for 28 years. In addition, Julie Reynolds was recognized for "Outstanding Service to Youth in Agriculture."

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