Hope 4 Paws: Grant County has launched its Spring Into Action spay/neuter discount campaign.

The campaign promotes Hope 4 Paws’ voucher program, which provides discounts for spay or neuter procedures scheduled at either of the two Grant County veterinary clinics.

Pet owners who call Hope 4 Paws before making their appointments can get voucher letters that cut their bill by $15 or $25 for cats and $30 or $50 for dogs, depending on the procedure.

“This is our way of encouraging pet owners to do the responsible thing to prevent unwanted or accidental litters,” said Scotta Callister, Hope 4 Paws board chair. “As spring arrives, we start getting more calls for help with these litters, and there simply aren’t enough homes here that are able to take in more pets.”

Hope 4 Paws volunteers often hear pet owners say they meant to get their dog or cat “fixed,” but just hadn’t gotten around to it or couldn’t afford it.

The voucher program was created as an incentive to get the job done. It is available to all Grant County pet owners, and there is no needs test or income restriction.

The program, which began two years ago, is funded by the generous donations of community members through events such as the annual Spay-ghetti Dinner, held earlier this month at the Grant County Fairgrounds.

This year, Hope 4 Paws also was awarded a $2,500 grant from an Oregon charitable foundation, the Maybelle Clark MacDonald Fund, to increase the voucher program to reach more pet owners. The grant is expected to cover about half of the costs of an expanded voucher program in 2018.

Pet owners are cautioned that, to get the discount, they must obtain their voucher letter from Hope 4 Paws before showing up for the vet appointment. The clinics do not have vouchers to issue.

To obtain a voucher letter, call Hope 4 Paws at 541-575-0500 and leave your contact and pet information.

Hope 4 Paws is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing pet rescue, spay/neuter assistance and pet owner education in Grant County. For more information about the mission, visit hope4pawsgrantcounty.com.

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