JOHN DAY - The man identified last week as the Oregon state leader for the Aryan Nations says he's no longer involved in the group.

"I quit," said Jacob Green of John Day. "I have nothing to do with it - I'm withdrawing my participation."

His name had been posted on the Aryan Nations website, but has since been removed.

He said he and Christopher Cowan went around town last week with avowed Aryan Nations leader Paul Mullet. Cowan also resigned from the group, he said.

"We're not exactly happy with the way he did things here," he said.

Green said Mullet was an "old friend," but that he had no idea the Idaho man was going to announce a plan to move to Grant County.

He said he thought Mullet was just approaching the newspaper to "make a stink about the hospitality he got here," contending that the police had stopped and questioned the men in town "for no reason."

He said he didn't speak up when Mullet unveiled his plan in a newspaper interview because Mullet was "my commander." He and Cowan also posed with Mullet for photographs at the newspaper.

Since the news went out, Green said he and his family have had threats from community members.

"I'm getting my life threatened with some pretty vulgar things," he said.

He said he doesn't want the Aryan Nations moving here either, and that he moved here from Portland "to have a quiet life."

"I've been living almost 13 years here with no problem," he said. "I don't want to live next to that crap."

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