It's about the berry

David Hamilton and Crish Lydon in the lobby of David Hamilton Winery in Mt. Vernon, where you can stop in and sample their variety of different flavors of wines. The Eagle/Jill Mallory

MT. VERNON - Lift your glass to make a toast for David Hamilton Winery, open in Mt. Vernon.

With the holiday season here, the timing, to some, is bubbly perfect.

Hamilton Winery is open on the corner of Highway 26 and Highway 395, with a large variety of wine including, Shiro Plum, Hell's Canyon Wild Plum, Camas Creek Elderberry, Wild Moutain Huckleberry, Blueberry/Wild Plum, Fiddle Creek Apricot, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Gravenstein Apple that brought a gold medal to the winery at the Woodland Food Festival.

The winery is an LLC with three members - Hamilton, known by his friends as "The Winer," Crish Lydon and Hamilton's son, Forrest, who lives in Texas, with plans to move here.

In the winery's first year of business, 1,500 gallons of wine was produced. Hamilton's goal is to reach 6,000 gallons a year, with 12 different wines.

To make five gallons of wine, 125 pounds of fruit must be picked.

The fruit used for the wine is picked by Hamilton, who travels many miles to find the best quality of flavor possible.

"I go get everything," Hamilton said.

Fruity taste of the wine could have many thinking it was fruit juice, but with the kick.

"Commercial wines to me, you have to develop a taste for," Hamilton said. "People like to say this (Hamilton wine) is a country wine."

The trade was taught to Hamilton by his grandfather when he was 9 years old, all beginning with him fetching two buckets of blackberries.

For the holiday season, David Hamilton Winery is bottling Cranberry/Raspberry and Huckleberry wine in 3.75 ml sizes and is offering them in gift boxes. Normally, these wines are sold only in the 7.50 ml bottles.

"I see purchasing wine as an investment in future pleasure," Hamilton said.

The winery is open Saturday through Thursday, weekly throughout the holiday season until Dec. 31.

To schedule a special wine tasting, call (541) 932-4567 or 932-4776.

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