Change is coming to the Jefferson County Kids Club, as several renovation projects are planned at the non-profit's aging facility. Wednesday afternoon, the sound of hammers, drills and wood hitting the ground filled the gymnasium at Westside Elementary in Madras. Demolition volunteers from Skanska Construction worked to tear a wall down separating an upstairs game room to the main gym. The club says the wall needs to go as part of a project to better ventilate the game room and improve the room, located on the upper floor. It's one of several projects Skanska construction is taking on with the Jefferson County School District. "The kids are very excited," Kids Club Executive Director Joe McHaney said. "We're very excited as a staff, and I'm sure it's going to to help Kids Club moving forward." To McHaney surprise, he got an e-mail from the construction company, saying they would donate the cost, about $4,000, of the demolition portion of the project. "This was one of their needs, opening this wall and it was something we could do ourselves, so we decided to donate our time to get that done," Superintendent for Skanska Construction, Jacob Struck said. "These are the things that you really dream about happening," McHaney said. "We are really excited that they stepped up to the plate -- and shocked would be the right word to use, and just really grateful, to be honest with you." The Jefferson County Kids Club is a non-profit, formerly the Boys and Girls Club. The organization serves more than 280 kids a day, 80 percent of whom come from low-income families. The club also provides food for kids and a safe place to hang out and learn. To learn more about Jefferson County Kids Club Click Here.

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