John Day adopts housing incentives plan

A for sale sign in John Day.

John Day’s housing incentive program continues to grow.

Another year of incentive payments were approved Oct. 13 by the city’s Urban Renewal Agency as more people participate in the program that provides cash rebates of 7% of the increase in assessed property value for new homes and 15% of the increase for remodels that increase the value by at least $10,000.

Eight homeowners in John Day received refunds in 2020, which totaled $46,859 for building a new home or conducting a major remodel.

Doug and Becky Sharp received a $1,908 rebate on a new home that they recently completed. Jim and Sandy Bay received $8,093 for a new home they constructed. Terry and Elizabeth Davidson received $7,530 for completing a new house.

Sally and Jeffrey Knowles received $14,954 in rebates for the construction of a multi-dwelling unit that consists of two duplexes: $6,628 was for one duplex and $8,326 was for the other.

Dave and Lisa Holland received $1,118 in rebates for the addition of a new structure, and Jesse Madden received $3,834 in rebates for a major remodel. Mahogany Ridge Properties received $6,561 for a major remodel.

City Manager Nick Green said 2020 will be a reset year with only one new applicant looking to participate in the program.

“COVID hit at the worst possible time because everybody was pumping the brakes in April saying, ‘What is this?’” Green said.

He said, when people would usually be working to get permits and getting ready to do projects, they were concerned about COVID-19’s impact on the community.

“By the time late summer rolled around and they realized it was going to be OK, it was too late,” Green said.

In the first two years of the incentive program, the city has seen more than $1.1 million in increased assessed values.

The agency also approved resolution 2020-05, which allows manufactured homes to be eligible for the program through the guidelines established.


Rudy Diaz is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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