John Day budget includes new part-time police officer

John Day City Councilor Dave Holland (left) and John Day City Manager Nick Green listen during a Tuesday, May 9, city council meeting.

The proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year for the city of John Day includes increased sewer and water fees, a cost of living adjustment for city employees and establishes a community development fund.

The John Day City Council held a public hearing for the 2017-18 city budget during a Tuesday, May 9, city council meeting.

Some of the changes from 2016-17 budget are a $1 increase for both sewer and water services, a 1.5-percent cost of living increase for city employees, the addition of a part-time police officer, additional principle payments on public works and industrial park loans, a 3-percent increase in employee health insurance premiums and an 8-percent increase in property/liability premiums.

The police department budgeted for an increase to compensate for extra shifts needed during the eclipse, as well as the addition of part-time officer and dispatcher Andrew Martin.

The fire department is anticipating a $142,000 FEMA grant for new turnout gear and communications equipment is pending and the rural fire district has a large increase in order to help pay for the new fire hall based on the rural districts share of calls for service.

The sewer fund received $70,000 worth of grant money for sewer system improvements and the city’s street fund includes $180,000 in Secure Rural Schools funds. City Manager Nick Green said the SRS funds could be used to help connect Seventh Street and Patterson Bridge Road, as well general street maintenance.

The budget also established a community development fund to be spent once there is a comprehensive plan to invest it.

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