Marilyn McKern and son Steve furnished the entree of Salisbury steak, Thursday, July 8. McKern's operate the Texaco Food Mart in Mt. Vernon. They also hosted family members. Marilyn was also awarded Chester's Thriftway certificate and Florence Silvers won a free meal. Members of the Mt. Vernon Grange served the meal to approximately 105 diners. As usual, Toni and Cindy served wonderfully seasoned food.

Thanks to all, who in any way, help maintain the Center.

Chris Bellender brought and helped serve a beautifully decorated July birthday cake. Driskill Memorial Chapel and King's Discount Store furnish a large birthday cake each month.

Linda Stoltz left a meaningful poem and all-day suckers at each plate. The number drawn for the prize, a plate of homemade cookies, went to Charlie Oliver. Linda is always a busy, thoughtful, tireless worker at the Center.

Air Life of Oregon is holding a grand opening in La Grande. Contact Helen Bogart if you would like to go to this event via bus. There will be three drawings for a free helicopter flight.

Last week's article was a re-run, so I missed Gary and Nadine Smith's 50th anniversary announcement. Congratulations and will have more on the celebration next week.

Tables were reserved for guests from Monument, Golden Heritage Care, McKern family, bridge players and Lenard.

Mary Vic's guest was Les of Muriel Wischenes, North Dakota. Ross and Sophie Smith joined Gary and Nadine.

Heather Sheedy has a really nice article in the Ruralite about Camp Logan Days in Prairie City. This was a really nice event and the rain didn't seem to dampen spirits. A September date is planned for 2005.

July 22, an aid from Oregon Legal Department will be present to give advice on civil legal matters for the elderly.

Wednesday night bingo player winners were Esther Dew and Sharon Stillman, each being awarded $50 consolation. Callers were Carolyn Caldwell and Mary Brown.

On the menu for July 15 is lasagna and July 19, soup and sandwiches.

Make the best use of what is in your power and take the rest as it happens.

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